NH - diamond hollow drills

Our NH-hollow drills are galvanically produced drills which are completely embedded with diamond (multilayered). By this method the diamond grains will be pile layer by layer. After the requested thickness is reached, the process will be stopped and the resulting diamond crown will be ground and soldered into the brass shaft. The diamond core drills are used on the Winter Tibo NB drilling machine. This machine is specifically designed for this type of drills. Special whishes can be considered on tools as well on the machine.
Benefits NH diamond hollow drills:
  • "smooth" drilling, particulary effective cutting performance
  • higher concentration of diamond powder as e.g. resin and metal bonds
  • Cooling through the inner bore
  • low wear
  • automatic ejection of the drilled cylinder through the ejector
  • all hard materials such as glass, ceramicsilicon carbide, precious stones, semi-precious stones etc.

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